Microstructure examinations

All the important things can't be seen with the naked eye.

For examination of small details we have two optical microscopes. We can perform stardardized examinations and general and special examinations according to purchaser needs.



Typical examinations performed with microscope:

  • Microexaminations of welding tests
  • Microexaminations of base metals
  • Surface hardening layer examinations, e.g. retained austenite, carbides, grain boundary oxidation
  • Phase composition determinations, e.g. ferrite content measurements
  • Inclusion content determinations
  • Grain size determinations
  • Examinations for detrimental phases, e.g. ASTM A923A
  • Graphite and microstructure evaluations of cast irons



Other examinations performed with optical microscopes

  • Surface layer examinations and measurements (e.g. oxides, coatings, etc.)
  • Crack examinations
  • Other examinations according to purchaser needs