Order form

Here you may fill form to order examinations.


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Additional information

You can fill in the appropriate form to order services. NOTE: The button "Send Order" in the bottom of the form sends the order via e-mail to Matlab Oy and to the person who ordered the service. 

You can also send an order directly to the e-mail orders(at)metlab.fi

Feel free to contact us also by telephone.

Fillable addressform is available here:

Please note!

- If the test requires the supervision of a classification society, it is adviced to contact the society before sample removal.

- Heat number and other identifications should be marked on the samples. In addition rolling direction should be marked on plates.

- Material certificates and welding test record should be delivered with welding tests.

- Please ask more information / instructions from the staff of Metlab Oy, tel. switchboard: +3583 3124 5800.

- Above documents can be sent to Metlab Oy via e-mail.