Hardness measurements

Hardness from the surface and below.

We offer a wide range of different hardness testing methods.


Vickers-hardness measurements

  • Vickers [HV0.1 - HV30] according to standard SFS-EN ISO 6507-1
  • Hardness measurements of welds
  • Carburized case depth, nitration hardening depth and induction hardening and other case hardening tests
  • Small intendation, intendations can be set accurately

Brinell-hardness measurements

  • Brinell [HBW] according to standard SFS-EN ISO 6506-1
  • Base metal hardness tests
  • Hardness distribution measurements
  • Well suited for inhomogenous materials, e.g. cast irons


Rockwell-hardness measurements

  • Rockwell [HRC, HRB] according to standard SFS-EN ISO 6508-1
    • Surface and core hardnesses for hardened samples
    • Measurements can often be made without cutting the sample