Other testing and services

NDT inspections

  • Visual testing (VT)
  • Surface methods:
    Magnetic particle testing (MT),
    Penetrant testing (PT)
  • Radiography testing (RT)
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT)

Heat treatments

  • Several heat-treatment furnaces
  • Diverse programmability
  • Post-heat treatments of welding tests, max. length 400 mm, height 400 mm, max. weight 30 kg
  • Base material heat treating
  • Sensitization treatments for corrosion test specimens
  • Grain growth annealing

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Ferrite content determinations

  • Feritscope ferrite content meter
  • Determination of the ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steels or welds
  • Laboratory and on-site measurements
  • Measurements based on microstructure

Coating examinations

  • Coating thickness measurements by a meter or from a cross-sectional specimen
  • Coating type determinations and studies
  • Coating adhesion and porosity investigations
  • Research on thermal sprayed coatings
  • Research on electrolytic coatings
  • Research on galvanized or chromed products
  • Depth determinations and microstructural examinations for surface hardening layers (for example carburization, induction, nitration)
  • Adhesion tensile strength tests for coatings

Surface roughness measurements

  • Surface roughness measurements with a high-quality meter
  • Measurements of surface roughness of machined surfaces
  • Surface roughness analysis at thermal cutting as a part of thermal cutting quality requirements

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