Experienced metallurgists and state-of-the-art equipment.

Macrostructural examinations

  • Examination of welding tests
  • Welding procedure, production and welder performance qualification tests
  • Segregation structure of base materials
  • Dimension measurements
  • Fracture surface examinations in failure analyses

Stereo microscopy

  • Fracture surface examinations
  • Corrosion failure examinations
  • Crack inspections
  • Depth of field macro examinations

Microstructural examinations

  • Welding test examinations
  • Base material examinations
  • Retained austenite content examinations
  • Ferrite content determinations
  • Inclusion content determinations
  • Grain size determinations
  • Detrimental phase examinations
  • Graphite evaluations of cast irons
  • Coating examinations
  • Crack inspections

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

  • Depth of field and precise examinations
  • Fracture surface examinations
  • Small details in the microstructure
  • Precipitates and inclusions in the microstructure
  • Material characterization
  • Corrosion product examinations
  • Important technique as a part of failure analysis

EDS analysis

  • Composition of small details or particles can be studied
  • Composition of precipitates and inclusions in the microstructure
  • Composition of corrosion layers
  • Corrosion failure sources, for example analysing foreign substances originating from the environment
  • Elemental maps, and point, area and line analyses

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