Destructive testing

Modern material testing equipment, as well as experienced personnel ensure a fluent and reliable service.

Tensile tests

  • Force range 0.1 – 1200 kN
  • According to EN- and ASTM-standards
  • Round and flat tensile test specimens for all metals
  • Tensile tests for pipes
  • Tensile and loading tests for bolts, screws, nuts and other fastening products
  • Tensile tests for rebars
  • Tensile tests for full-size weld joints
  • Tensile tests for 3D-printed materials or additive manufactured components
  • Adhesion tests for coatings
  • Tensile tests for small or miniature samples
  • Customized testing possibilities

Fastener testing

  • Tensile tests for screws with threads up to M39
  • Loading tests for screws
  • Loading tests for nuts
  • Tensile tests for bolt/nut combinations
  • Customized fastener testing

Tensile tests at elevated temperature

  • Hot tensile tests up to 1200 °C
  • According to EN- and ASTM-standards
  • Round and flat tensile test specimens

Impact strength tests

  • According to EN- and ASTM-standards
  • Modern impact testing machines:
    300 J and 750 J
  • Charpy-V and -U impact tests
  • Impact test temperatures:
    room temperature,
    cooled to +20 °C … -90 °C,
    cooled to -196 °C
  • Determination of lateral expansion

Bending, breaking and flattening tests

  • Bending tests for welder or operator qualification tests
  • Bending tests for welding procedure qualification and production tests
  • Bending tests for base materials
  • Weld break tests
  • Nick-break tests

Compression tests

  • Force range up to 500 kN
  • According to ASTM-standard

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Testing of finished products

  • Customized loading and tensile tests for finished products
  • Customized compression tests for products or components
  • Tailored testing tools according to an agreement

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