Hardness tests

A wide range of different hardness testing methods and loads.

Vickers hardness measurements

  • Vickers hardness HV0.01 – HV10
  • Vickers hardness HV30
  • Hardness survey for welding
  • Depth determination of surface hardening (for example carburization, induction, nitration)
  • Microhardness measurements
  • Individual hardness measurements

Brinell hardness measurements

  • Brinell hardness HBW for base materials
  • 2.5 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm indentation balls
  • Wide load range 62.5 – 3000 kg
  • Suits well for general hardness determination

Rockwell hardness measurements

  • Rockwell-C hardness
  • Rockwell-B hardness
  • Measurements can often be made without cutting the sample
  • Suitable for hardened samples

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