Sample preparation

Sawing of specimens

  • Sawing the specimens by comprehensive high-powered band saws
  • Cooled band saws for both large and small test samples
  • Sawing also irregular shape specimens
  • Sawing also hardened specimens with special discs

Specimen cutting

  • Cooled disc cutters
  • Disc cutters are often used for metallographic sample preparation
  • Several abrasive disc cutters for samples of different sizes
  • Accurate cutting for small samples
  • Plasma cutter for pre-cutting large pieces
  • Sheet metal cutting with a sheet metal guillotine

Preparation of tensile testing specimens

  • Round and flat tensile test specimens for testing base material or welding
  • Manual and CNC-controlled milling cutters and turning machines
  • Machining also plastic tensile test specimens
  • Efficient machining workshop enables fast lead time for testing


Preparation of impact testing specimens

  • Preparation of impact test specimens according to EN and ASTM standards
  • Charpy-V and Charpy-U notch impact test specimens

Other sample preparation

  • Design and preparation of customized testing tools for customer projects
  • Extension welding for short samples
  • Preparation of fatigue testing specimens

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